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One more resolution: sticking to a budget! #FreelanceLife

Sticking to a budget

While I combine freelancing and a hospitality job, I’m trying to live within my means. I do compensate myself every once in a while through an activity, like attending a show, or by gifting myself a lasting item. I’ve been living on a shoe-string budget since losing my job last summer. I decided to compensate myself with a ballet lesson which I scheduled for the first weekend of the New Year! It was fun, and I fed the little itchy dancing bug that has bitten lately.

I’ve been able to keep a healthy wallet through my rough economic patches by living a little frugally (there’s no need to try a new restaurant each week during certain months!) and by keeping track of what I earn and using it solely to pay my most important bills.

That, my friends, is called sticking to a budget.

A few years ago, while living in San Francisco, which is one of the most expensive cities in America, I lived with a wonderful roommate named Devyn who made me a personalized budget calculator.

Take a look! With her permission, we’re both now sharing it with you, so you can download it or create a copy for your own files, and fill it in according to your expenses.

Even if you are earning more than what you need, everyone should always have a monetary “cushion” for emergencies (think about a malfunction in your car, or if you get sick and can’t work for a week), or simply to take a little portion of these funds and reward yourself with a vacation regularly! Regardless of your situation, it’s always good to be prepared.

I am striving for a full-time professional job by mid of this year, that hopefully will keep my thoughts from diving into money issues… But, who hasn’t had those?


Charolotte Medina

Charlotte Medina

Charlotte is a freelancer in the marketing, film and theater industry. She loves ”folk art” and any form of media that brings a message to its audience. She is also an advocate for mental health awareness and general wellbeing. One day, she’ll become an author and expert foodie.