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Thinking about buying Instagram followers? Consider this first

To buy or not to buy Instagram followers? That seems to be the question crossing the minds of entrepreneurs and small businesses across the globe. It’s no secret that Instagram has evolved into its own marketplace over the last few years, changing how users and businesses interact.

There are many reasons why buying Instagram followers seems like a good idea. One is perception. It’s no secret that people judge an Instagram account based on its followers. You look a lot cooler when you’re only following a fraction of the people following you. It’s also quite cheap. Prices average $3 per 100 followers. But most of these bots are inactive and will disappear within time.

So before you commit to buying followers, consider these points first:


Fake bots make up the majority of “followers” provided by these “companies.” These bots have automated comments that are obvious and not sincere. Many of us can tell when an automated comment from an authentic one, and when a new follower goes to comment on your post, they’ll see the automated comment.

credibility graph

Credibility is key to being a successful business today. Consumers are becoming more conscious of the brands and businesses they chose to support. And authenticity is a trait at the top of the list for many. If your followers frequently visit your page and notice half of your followers have disappeared overnight, they’ll be reluctant to trust you and the business you’re promoting.


User engagement is key to a “healthy” social media page. When your follower count doesn’t match up with your number of likes, it signals red flags. Consider this formula from HootSuite:

number of Likes + number of comments / number of followers x 100 = engagement rate

Again, it looks suspicious when you have 25k followers yet only get 11 likes and 3 comments on your posts. People notice, and it’s not a good look. Yes, you can also buy likes. But those can be as fleeting as followers and are more noticeable when they turn against you.

If, however, you strongly feel you need to buy followers to get the ball rolling, here’s how to:

  • Almost all follow tools promise “quality” followers. So do your research to find one that fits your needs.

  • Package prices are based on the number of followers you’ll receive. So choose a package for the amount you’d like.

  • Never input personal information. Follower tools should only link to your account through your username.

  • Use a prepaid Visa to avoid fraudulent activity.

If you’re looking to up your social media street cred with legit followers, we can help with that with a free consultation! We’re also not saying there is ultimate shame in this game, but if you’re not working with a legit company, you could be producing mediocre content and your real follows will notice a large disappearance when the bots hit the bricks.