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5 things all legal branding kits should contain

Having a legal brand is an important marketing strategy.

By branding your firm, you’re able to demonstrate the value of your services, lawyers and attorneys.


A legal brand showcases a representation of your legal firm, who works for you and an overall value that your firm adheres to.

Why Is it Important to brand my legal firm?

A brand encompasses the objectives, strategies, and goals that can expand the success of the legal firm. Outlying and understanding who the intended clientele is and what impression you want to leave them with will be a vital part in finding your brand’s voice!

Branding will help you maintain consistency throughout your online presence and other marketing endeavors. In other words, branding creates a sense of unity for your firm-- and, just as importantly, creates a sense of personality potential clients can engage with. So, what should your legal branding consist of?

Let’s dive in.

Where Do I Start?

  1. Design. Think of design as the building blocks for your legal branding. What colors, fonts, images, theme, and layout do you want your legal firm associated with? The Sans serif font Ariel, for example, creates a more casual approach. Serif font, such as Times New Roman, appears to be more serious. The decisions made will create an aesthetic representation of your legal firm.

  2. Logo. A logo is a symbol and a reflection of your legal firm; it is the distinctive design that sets you apart from your competitors. Keep in mind that this logo can be used on the website, emails or business cards and will be the first thing that catches clients’ eyes. 

  3. About Us. What are your values? Do you have a mission statement?  What services do you provide? Think of the About Us section as an introductory statement. This statement should be emotionally driven, as it creates a bridge of trust between you and your potential clients. Your client wants to know who you are, what your core beliefs are and what legal services you specifically provide. If they cannot determine your services, they are more likely to seek another firm. 

  4. Tone or Style or Brand Voice. Is your firm serious with a hint of enthusiasm for law? Or do you want to convey a more casual yet professional persona? Or maybe you have an intended clientele demographic you want to reach, in which case your question should be “What approach would they respond well to?” Determining your tone is a stylistic choice, and will differentiate you from competitors. Tone can be conveyed through content, images, or taglines that you feature.

  5. Awards or Testimonials. Branding your legal firm as an honest service that commits to results is an effective way of conveying authenticity. Credible testimonials are like online reviews in the professional world; and in today’s technological society, reviews are a determining factor for potential clients. These testimonials allow outside voices to vouch for your legal services and solidify your credibility. Additionally, including any awards or certificates adds to your expertise.

We’ve outlined the Top 5 Things your legal branding kit should contain. Now, let’s talk strategy. Drop us a line for a little consultation!