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6 ways to win at LinkedIn: Beating the algorithm

Have you ever wondered why a LinkedIn post from two weeks ago is showing up in your feed TODAY? You’re not alone. Basically, this post is hot! It’s passed LinkedIn’s algorithm test with flying colors and has been deemed “worthy” to re-feature. While it may be a bit...unsettling, a bot is determining what posts get the most exposure, based on a variable of things, including popularity, topic and interactions.

But lucky for us, once you understand how the algorithm works, you can play along. 

Here are 6 ways to gain an upper hand on LinkedIn’s algorithm:

Post content for LinkedIn

LinkedIn was created as a way to connect professionals to one another. Whether you’re a colleague, industry expert or a hiring manager, LinkedIn provides a way for you to connect on a professional level. The kind of content you post should reflect this purpose. LinkedIn isn’t really the place for posting relatable memes (unless properly executed with quality content) or motivational quotes. 

Content for LinkedIn should:

  • Offer tips for business or career growth

  • Inspire others in the legal industry

  • Be relevant to lawyers and law firms

  • Come from a credible source

Build your audience strategically


Whether you have a personal or company LinkedIn profile (or both), followers, relevance, and connection play a big part in beating the algorithm. If your content isn’t relevant to your audience, and they don’t usually engage with it, LinkedIn will not prioritize your posts.  

Completely fill out your profile, don’t leave anything blank!

  • Don’t be afraid to actually connect with people you know or are interested in learning from

  • Encourage employees to indicate they work at your law firm

  • Follow others and attract followers

  • Make your profile public to allow others to easily find you

  • Be active - like posts and engage in the comments section

  • Promote your LinkedIn profile on your website and other social media channels

Optimize your content for engagement

Social media analytics report.

Social media analytics report.

There’s no hard and fast rule about getting your content in front of others. But LinkedIn’s actionable tips are a great place to start:

  • Be fun! Know any good lawyer jokes? Make professionals in your industry laugh.

  • Provide career-related tips

  • Show impressive law firm or attorney stats 

  • Keep it short - include an image, link or video.

  • Evoke an emotion

Don't be afraid to experiment. What works for your audience might not work for another. Pay attention to what type of content does well and produce more of it!

Share other users posts

See a post you like? Think others in your industry might benefit from it? By sharing others posts, not only are you engaging with their post, but you’re also giving them a spotlight on your feed that’s likely to be reciprocated! Everyone could use a little help with exposure, don’t you think?


Use the LinkedIn publisher tool

If you’re not already familiar with it, the LinkedIn publisher tool allows you to publish articles on LinkedIn. Think of it as a built-in blog on LinkedIn. This article is displayed in the “Articles” section of your LinkedIn profile and is shared with your followers on their feed. Members who are not in your network have the ability to follow you and be notified of future publications.

Promote your LinkedIn publisher articles

Once you’ve taken advantage of LinkedIn’s publisher tool, it’s important to do your part and get it in front of people! Be sure to tag relevant LinkedIn members - someone you’ve quoted or have linked to. They may share your article and help grow your network. Utilizing Hashtags are also a great way to get your article in front of others. And make sure to share your article on all other social media platforms.