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NEW APP ALERT: In need of a cool project managing app?

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I've finally come to the conclusion that emails and group chats don't always get the job done. Raise your hand if you can’t find that one email??!! Luckily, I’ve come across a cool app that helps businesses and teams reach their goals quicker and more efficiently. So, what is this app you may ask? It’s Basecamp!

Basecamp allows you and your team to stay organized, whether that is communicating with each other, working on future projects, or even something so simple like checking your upcoming schedule! It is super easy.

How to get started

So, first things first, we need to set up your Basecamp of course! Here is where all the magic begins. First, you set up your Home screen, here is a layout of your business, teams and team projects. Organizing your home screen can be super fun! You are able to set up your logo, put together personal due date assignments, bookmarks, draft, and schedules.

How to: Work on Projects

  • Now that we’ve got you all set up with Basecamp, let’s start working on projects. Basecamp gives you six handy dandy tools to help manage all of your projects. The first tool is Campfire. Campfire is a cool place to chat with everyone in that specific project.

  • The second tool is Message Board. Message Board is where you go when you need to send a general message to the entire team for that project. A drop-down category will show for you to pick from. For example, if your Message that day was a pitch idea, you can click on “pitch” then click “post this message” and just like that everyone on your team gets a notification of a new pitch idea.

  • The third tool issss, wait for it… wait for it…To-dos! To-dos is the place to go when you need to list all of the things that you need to get done. Super helpful, right? Of course, you can set up a no/due date, and check it off when your task is completed. To-dos offer other nice gadgets, Like assigning to-dos to team members, grouping to-dos together, etc.

  • Now, let’s talk about the next tool which is, Schedule. In Schedule, you are able to organize all of your upcoming events and to-dos. In the Project Schedule, there is a comment drop down bar, where you and your team can talk about upcoming events and rescheduling.    

  • The fifth tool is Automatic Check-ins. I think this has to be my personal fav. Basecamp gives you a chance to ‘check in’ with all of your team members to see how they are coming along with the project. You can make a question of the day, week, month, you name it. The question can vary from “How is everyone feeling about this new project?” or “How far along is everyone with their task.”

  • The last tool is Docs & Files. Here, you and your team can start on documents and files super easily. A member of the team begins the doc, and throughout the day all members are able to add on to the document. If your team is most comfortable with google docs, there is an import button that allows you to bring all of you hard work on google docs over!  

How to Work with Clients

Working with clients can sometimes be quite the task when trying to stay organized and professional. When working with a client on Basecamp, everything is super easy! Just like team members, clients can be added to projects as well. One exception: you can monitor how much access the client has to the project. Your client sees only what you want them to see. When you are ready for the client to see all the finishing touches, it’s as simple as clicking “Allow the client to see this too” and TADDAA! You’re all done.

I really hope this helped you find a quick and more natural way to manage, and communicate with your team!  


Kaylee Richards

Kaylee is a second-year Communications Major at CSULB and a Sugar Mama at Bronzed Sugar. Most of the time you can find her, blasting reggae music through her speakers while driving down the streets of Long Beach, or hanging out with some of her closest friends. If you’re ever in the mood to try something new then she’s your girl. You can follow her insta @kaylee.irie