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Using fonts and colors to brand your law firm

Fonts and colors are strategic elements that attract potential clients. How legible is your font? What colors should you choose?

The typography and color scheme you choose should represent your brand’s personality, which will ultimately affect how people depict your brand online.

Over 90 percent of people felt visual factors were the most important when purchasing products.

Over 90 percent of people felt visual factors were the most important when purchasing products.

Determining your colors and fonts is not as easy as it may seem. Finding the perfect balance requires careful thought. Consider this: The secretariat of the Seoul International Color Expo conducted research on the relationship between color and marketing and found that 92.6 percent of people felt visual factors were the most important when purchasing products.

As a lawyer or attorney, your product is your service; and in order to sell that service, your branding must appeal visually to your potential clients.


According to a University of Loyola, Maryland study, color increases a brand’s recognition by up to 80 percent. Color has the ability to maintain a client’s interest - and can even emphasize certain areas of your website, document, building, images or anything else that distinguishes your brand. Keep in mind that your brand’s personality and your brand’s colors work hand in hand. It is important that you know what personality your brand will have so you can maintain those characteristics visually through your colors. 

Before deciding what colors to use, let’s first analyze successful brands. Facebook, for example, is blue. LinkedIn is too. Is it a coincidence that two major social connection sites are both blue? Additionally, analyzing your competition may help you determine your colors. What are they using, and what could you do differently? Lastly, consider creating a mood board. Try finding different color combinations and see which exude the ambiance you’re looking for. 

According to, colors are linked to these characteristics:

  • Red— Power, excitement, love, passion, strength, energy, danger

  • Orange— Playfulness, cheerfulness, friendliness, creativity, confidence

  • Yellow— Playfulness, cheerfulness, friendliness, creativity, confidence

  • Green— Nature, growth, freshness, health, wealth

  • Blue— Stability, competence, trust, loyalty, security

  • Purple— Authority, sophistication, power, ambition, mystery, creativity

  • Black— Power, sophistication, elegance, prestige, timelessness, value

  • White— Health, cleanliness, purity, sincerity

Know your fonts and learn how to use them

Serif— Times New Roman. We all recognize this font from our many years of schooling. The feet at the ends of each letter are what make this font serif. These fonts are traditional, conservative, professional, and even conventional.

Sans Serif— Arial. This font may be recognizable in Word or Google docs. The lack of feet on these letters is what makes this font sans serif. These fonts are modern and casual. 

  • Combining Fonts— Similar to the colors, fonts have certain moods. And, just like finding the right color scheme, you also have to find the right typography balance. For a professional page, for example, a sans serif title with a serif body looks clean and modern. However, there are certain serif fonts that will not look as professional, and instead may look more quirky. Pay attention to how these fonts can work together.

  • Readability— Thickness, boldness, width, height and other features are all features of fonts, regardless of whether or not they are serif or sans serif. Certain fonts that appear too loud or too cursive may make potential clients lose interest, and cause them to leave the page.

Need help identifying the right colors and fonts for your brand? We can help with that ✔️