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Firms: The differences between a company page and personal LinkedIn Profiles


And why it’s important to maintain both!

We all have one - a personal LinkedIn profile that we update - sometimes. Last year, two professionals joined LinkedIn every second. As a professional who runs a firm, is in a firm, or markets for firms, it’s very important to maintain a company page. Often, potential employees will refer to a LinkedIn company profile over a Facebook or Instagram account to gauge a company’s true culture.

Most would suggest having both your own personal profile and a separate profile for your business. But what do you do when you are your business? Lawyers, in particular, should treat LinkedIn differently than other professions. A business profile emphasizes services offered while a personal profile highlights your own skills and accomplishments. While your own skills and accomplishments are important to landing speaking gigs, press interviews and webinars, highlighting your services is what appeals most to potential clients.

Differences between a personal LinkedIn page and a firm’s page

There are a few key differences between a personal Linkedin page and a company page.

Engagement Speed

How fast your audience interacts with you is one difference between the two types of profiles. For personal profiles, you must allow anyone trying to connect with you to the permission to. You have to spend time accepting each and every connection you want to make. With a business profile, users can follow you with one simple click with no work on your side of the virtual pond.


With both personal and business profiles you can create posts that your audience can engage with. Most personal profile posts get lost amongst thousands of other posts and don’t appear on timelines. But business profile posts stay visible longer. This high visibility makes it more likely that you’ll get engagement.

Analytics Tool

The most prominent difference between the two types of profiles is how you’re able to interact with the application. A great LinkedIn feature to capitalize on, as a lawyer, is their analytics tool. The analytics tool, available only to business profiles, allows you to:

  • See the activity of all followers and visitors on your page

  • Evaluate the effectiveness of your posts

  • Understand your demographic of followers

  • See how many clicks and interactions grace your page

  • See how many are seen on a daily basis

  • View a breakdown of your demographic to adjust posts for your target audience

This analytics tool is vital for lawyers to develop their online presence because it allows you to see how you can better market yourself as a business and service.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed or just want to pass it on to the pros, Checkmark Creative loves a good LinkedIn makeover. Contact us for a free business consultation on all things branding and social media and we’ll show you how to make the most of LinkedIn.