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Bossladies gift guide 2018

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Ah! The holidays…Bows and lights adorning houses and streets, soothing melodies playing in every store’s speakers and hot-cups of winter flavored lattes. For us entrepreneurs, it can be a time of HUSTLE!! We don’t always have vacations days.

But what really makes this time of the year so special? ‘Tis the best excuse to show your loved ones how much you appreciate them, and those bossladies - the most hard-working colleagues you know - should be on your presents list!

Bosslady gift guide

We rep small businesses, so please shop local when purchasing for your friends who have a side hustle or main hustle that involves all things local. Better yet, always #shoplocal #shopsmall

All of these fabulous items would make great bosslady gifts! We’ve got picks from artists and independent brands whose original products will make unique presents for the upcoming holidays.

2019 Calendar

Sure, we can set up reminders in our phone and online calendars, but wouldn’t you prefer to have a colorful and touchable month-at-glance? Write all your important dates and learn some facts with Mexicon’s bilingual calendar!

Made by San Diego-based artist Haydeé Yáñez, and perfect if you’d like to get your Spanish going, the TGIFriday Calendar is a fun reminder tool to carry around or keep at your wall. Plus it comes with STICKERS!!

Activity self-discovery and mindfulness books

Perfect for anyone who is new to adulthood! These books will help you cope with stress and existential doubts by filling out little prompts, drawing, coloring, all accompanied with words of wisdom and examples of acts you can do for yourself and for others.

The one above is Made Out Of Stars, by Meera Lee Patel. The prompts she creates in her books are very motivational and are a perfect way of getting into journaling. Another journal in the more sophisticated side and that focuses on self-care, is also Practice You, by Elena Brower.

There’s also several others by authors like Emily Coxhead, and Aimee Chase.

Multipurpose bag and purses

Before heading to a department store or the mall, check out some cool bags or backpacks made by independent designers. We often have a lot of belongings and every single one of them is necessary! From our laptops, journals and yoga mats, a bag is a must for the daily commuter en-route to the office, gym class or coffee shop to work from. An example of brand owned and designed by women is Stitch and Rivet. Everything is made in their studio in Washington, DC.


Essential Oils and diffuser

I’ve found the best way to get quality essential oils is by going into your local mystic shop. Those stores will have dozens of kinds as well as are serviced by local providers too. Besides, they have really good information on which oil is good for mood, or other health benefits.

An aromatherapy diffuser will aide your boss in feeling better everyday and help freshen her office space. Here’s a diffuser traveler-kit by Uncommon Goods, a company that connects independent makers of eco-conscious products.

Coffee shop giftcard

Does the artsy coffee shop you visited last Wednesday for Open Mic offer any sort of gift certificate? Perhaps it would be a good idea if they are located at a close distance to your boss’ home or office. Otherwise, think about less frequented (please no Big Chains for us, they’re great but they don’t pay our bills!) franchises like The Coffee Bean (they have a large selection of delicious teas too!) so she can try something new!


At the end of the day, you know your boss better that we do so it will be your choice to pick which of these gift ideas (or none of them) would be the best one to give her!

Gifts are always a nice gesture, regardless, and the most meaningful when they are meant to thank you. So likewise, always accept them with equal or greater gratitude.

What has best the most useful gift you’ve received?

Charolotte Medina

Charlotte Medina

Charlotte is a freelancer in the marketing, film and theater industry. She loves ”folk art” and any form of media that brings a message to its audience. She is also an advocate for mental health awareness and general wellbeing. One day, she’ll become an author and expert foodie.