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Legal Logos: Why You Should Work With a Graphic Designer

There’s a reason graphic designers exist…

Would you trust Apple if their logo were a pear?

Trying to keep creative marketing expenses within your budget can be challenging — especially if you are a small firm or new, solo legal professional. While cheap logo designs online may seem tempting, they can actually hurt your branding due to ingenuity, lack of authenticity and even plagiarism. We’ve obviously got a bias here but we’ve seen some real doozies.

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Graphic design requires a certain expertise: the ability to creatively produce an image that symbolize your services, personality and values all in one. A cheap logo bought online cannot deliver an accurate representation of your business or firm the way a customized logo can.

These creative experts will listen to your vision, or your brand message, and develop a symbol to reflect your business or firm. They will use the proper software programs so that your logo can be printed or posted online with quality resolution. 

You want your logo to be memorable — in the best possible way.

Real-world example:

A healthcare client came to us after discovering their same shapes and colors were used in marketing for a new strip club with the same initials. They had purchased their logo through a Fiverr transaction for cheap, I mean really cheap. It cost them a lot more to distance their brand and mitigate the online confusion.

Tips for finding - and working with - your dream graphic designer:

  1. Distinguish your brand first. This is what will make your logo and brand unique. Create a logo based on your brand; don’t create a brand based on a logo. Identifying your brand’s personality will help mold your logo into a symbol of your values and services.

  2. Communicate with your designer. Have an idea of what you want your logo to look like. Do you want to look modern? Do you want words or strictly images? Do you have a vision? Describe it to the graphic designer so they know what you see inside that mind. If a graphic designer shows you a sample and there is something you would like done differently, make sure to tell them; you don’t want to pay for a logo you are not satisfied with.

  3. Identify your style or work with an agency to create a branding kit. Consider the fonts, colors, and even tone you want your firm to be associated with. Working with a graphic designer will help you maintain a stylistic consistency for your brand.

  4. Determine a budget. You get what you pay for, and if you want quality work, you will have to invest. Ask for quotes, milestones, deposit policies and determine how much money you would like to spend on a logo.

Need more advice? We’re here to help! Drop us a line to get started ✔️