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Loomly for legal social media scheduling

Loomly, the content creator’s dream.

Loomly, the content creator’s dream.

Tweet, share, retweet, regram and win at LinkedIn…every. single. day. If you don’t schedule your social, you’re going to burn out, period. Even if you have a decent plan of attack, a social media scheduler is a must. I’ve tried quite a few in my day, Hootsuite, Buffer, etc but my 100% go-to these days is my LA-based Loomly.

I use Loomly to schedule everything! My own personal brand as a journalist and consultant and Checkmark Creative’s agency clients. In the past, I had to toggle between a scheduler, calendar, analytics tool and link shortener to really create back in the day and show my value in legal marketing. Last year, I saw Loomly free trials pop up in Facebook feeds (way to go targeted ads!) and figured, let’s go!

I was sold from day 1 with their personal customer service. They reach out, answer questions, provide surveys and solicit feedback. In a social media company…yeah, I know!!

The analytics are a life-saver for monthly reports, the content ideas calendar is a game-changer and the trending topics help me stay on top of trends as an influencer and expert. 

Loomly’s user interface

Loomly’s user interface

5 thing Loomly has changed for my legal marketing clients:

  1. The teams feature is fantastic! We toggle between interns, assistants and our front-facing clients. Each account can be set for different levels of clearance and material access, keeping the nuts and bolts behind the scenes while you generate content for clients. Move from in-draft to ‘needs approval’ to scheduled through an accountability system that can’t be beat.

  2. Post mockups will change your life. Preview exactly what your post will look like when it actually posts. No more guessing previews or tweeting exactly what is in the headline or dealing with randomly generated numericals, in places of punctuation.

  3. Reduce. Reuse. Repurpose! Each account’s calendar keeps published posts you can easily access at a later time. The tagging and labels system has been very beneficial to our small team. We can now reuse or repurpose old content alongside new content, saving us much more creation time.

  4. Their analytics reports are the most comprehensive of all social media schedulers. With its own link shortener that tracks hits, to its intricate Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn pages data gathering, I’ve cut our monthly report generation time in half.

  5. Optimum posting time. While we do plan out a majority of our curated social media content with an editorial calendar, we also like to be a part of the timely conversation on Twitter, like #lawtwitter, and respond to breaking legal news on point. See what’s trending on Twitter or fun content suggestions from Loomly for current content inspiration all day, ever day.

I could keep going, I’m in marketing, obvi! But do yourself a favor…contract Checkmark out for your social content strategy or at least dabble in Loomly for your law firm or private practice with this free 15-day trial.