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The 411 on Alt Txt

Alt text is text associated with an image on a website.

Alt text is text associated with an image on a website.

Did you know only 7 percent of search engine users click through to the third page of their results? Search Engine Optimization - the process of optimizing your website and webpages to increase organic traffic from search engines like Google - is very important for all legal marketing.

In addition to crawling for quality copy content, Google’s search engine results pages deliver just as many image results as they do text-based results. For those in the legal industry, you may want to consider optimizing your images to concentrate on the area of law your practice or the industry you work directly with.

Alt text is text associated with an image on a website. This text can be displayed instead of the image on certain browsers or when an image fails to load.

Alt text also:

  • Acts as a replacement of an image on assistive screen readers or browsers with images disabled. For more information on the minimum requirements in the Americans with Disabilities Act related to website compliance, read A Beginner’s Guide to ADA Compliance for Websites.

  • Allows search engines to better crawl and rank your website, plus turn your images into hyperlinked search results; acting as an additional search engine optimized way to bring in organic, first-time visitors.

How to add alt text

If you have built your own law firm’s site using any of the content management systems (CMS) below, follow these links:

If your CMS was built by a web developer, you can still make a difference in your blog post image optimization. In most CMS you can edit your photos file name at a minimum and a full description at the max. Clicking on any image in the body of a blog post should produce an image optimization or rich text module. In that section, you should be able to change image file names.

You can also rename your images before uploading them into your site or blog post if you don’t have basic knowledge of the background of your website.

Alt text best practices

  • Write short, descriptive text for someone who couldn’t see it

  • Aim for 12 words or less

  • Write in real sentences but you can omit words like “the, a, an” or “photo, picture”   

  • Don’t use hyphens in the descriptions

  • Incorporate keywords but do so sparingly, you are penalized for appearing too spam-like

  • Only use letters, numbers, underscores, and hyphens in file names

  • You can omit words like "the" and "a," and terms like "photo" or "picture"

An example: instead of a picture of a pink bouquet of flowers, use pink flower bouquet.

Is your website’s SEO working for or against your content marketing plans? What about ADA-compliant? Maybe you’re missing a few things from this checklist?

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