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Why legal professionals need a little public relations

Public relations encompasses several different aspects, including: public affairs, crisis management, media relations and more.

Public relations encompasses several different aspects, including: public affairs, crisis management, media relations and more.

As a legal professional, the thought of anything PR-related probably doesn’t often cross your mind. But in reality, everybody needs a little public relations.

You’ve heard the term PR and you probably already have a base-line understanding of the professional management of an entity’s image and relationship with the public. This is important, especially online, because your digital reputation can benefit immensely from being quoted as an industry leader. 

The more you or individuals at your firm or organization are seen as sources in your industry, the easier it may be for a potential client to judge your company’s ability to cover their specific needs or request.

What kind of public relations do you need?

PR encompasses several different aspects, including: public affairs, crisis management, media relations and more. The type of PR used varies from industry to industry, but specifically for legal professionals, public relations usually encompasses more media relations than other traditional elements.

Establishing your voice as an industry or specialty leader, can help you in your search engine optimization, provide you with sharable and quotable clips for social media, plus adds a layer to your digital street cred.

What can PR do for you?

Connect you to journalists

Journalists often look for credible legal sources to quote. A comprehensive media relations strategy can help legal professionals connect with those legal journalists. For legal professionals who focus on specific areas of the law, being quoted in source material that potential clients read on a daily, weekly or even leisurely basis, is just as important as a referral in generating possible new leads.

Moreover, you can become a trusted contact and source for future articles; most journalists have sources they go to on the regular.

Maximize your networking

As you know by now, networking is crucial in all industries. As legal professionals, it helps you meet individuals in your field and those who can help you grow. Plus, media clips are great ways to grow and engage on LinkedIn and meet possible contacts in your specialized field as well.

Event public relations can add an additional layer of networking. Finding the right conferences to attend sets the tone for who you’ll meet; a proper PR plan can ensure you’re meeting the right people in all the right places!

Get published

Similar to being quoted, having your bylined article published in a reliable media outlet further boosts your credibility and exposure. Want to pitch an opinion piece to your local newspaper? Maybe you’d like to submit a white paper to your favorite legal journal? A fantastic public and media relations plan can help you create a robust media page on your firm’s website.

This all sounds great! I’d like a public relations plan, now what?

The world of PR is very broad and it has evolved to be way more than just press releases. Now, there are multiple sites dedicated to all things journalist + quotable sources. Here are a few great resources that you can utilize now to help your public relations objectives for FREE.


Help a Reporter Out connects journalists and bloggers to sources and makes the sourcing process easier and straightforward on both ends. This free and easy pitching process caters to all levels of expertise and a variety of industries and topics. HARO administers 50,000 journalist queries annually and boasts a database of 800,000+ credible sources to 55,000+ journalists.

Source Bottle

Source Bottle is an accessible service that makes finding the right sources simple and easy to navigate for both journalists and industry experts. Founded in Australia in 2009, Source Bottle has expanded to North America, the United Kingdom and the Asia Pacific, providing a vast base of international expert sources.


Though probably not as well known, Pitchrate is another easy-to-use platform that directs users to possible sources. As an industry expert, journalists and media reporters can easily connect with you knowing that you’re a trusted source.

Still don’t know what to do or how to best utilize PR to benefit you and your brand? Drop us a line for a free consultation!