You, yes you, you NEED an editorial/content calendar!

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Editorial Calendar

Let's do this!

I can not tell you how many times I've tried to just pull random content out of my...I hate working like that. But, I make content calendars for my clients all day every day. So when it comes to Checkmark, I can be a little lazy. 

However, I cannot stress how important it is for you as a small biz or entrepreneur or freelancer to utilize all that awesome content you have, while also posting and staying ahead of the social media game.

There is no need to get crazy complicated and remember, sharing other's content is great for filling your content holes, while also maybe making some new internet friends. Don't ever pass off the content as your own though - ever.

content and editorial calendars

Content calendars aren't something that is going to take a short amount of time. You are going to have to research and plan out content, make your graphics ahead of time and create any copy you'd like to go with posts or social shares.

How to make a content calendar

Below are some tips to get started:

  • Pick 3-5 categories of content. Make them very general so you aren't trying to find very specific content. A few faves: holidays/fun social media days, promotional content for our brand, cool social share from someone else, brand-specific awareness content (like in-house infographics, stats, fun facts that pertain to your brand's market) and blog posts.
  • Use a Google drive calendar template like this one
  • Create a spreadsheet or other document to save content you see daily that'd you like to share.
  • Plan. Plan. Plan! You should have each month planned by the middle of the previous month. September should be solid by August 15th. Graphics planned and created by then is ideal as well.
  • Use sites like these to plan fun general postings around: The Ultimate Social Media Holiday Calendar for 2018Awareness CalendarNational Health Observances are just a few.

Or, you could pay us to make a great, brand-specific calendar AND create the content for you. Contact us for more on that service. 

Any great sites to gather content or fun tips I missed?