What we do:

We're a creative marketing boutique that caters to the social media savvy, multimedia craving, tiny-fish-in-a-big-pond, small biz entrepreneur and fierce freelancer. We LOVE starting from scratch but can also hop in on something you've started with blood, sweat and caffeine. If you're looking to bring on extra help for a launch, rebrand or just to get the creative side off your entrepreneurial shoulders, we got you boo! 


Complete Branding Concepts

You’ve got the goods (or services) but have no idea where to start. We conceptualize a cohesive branding plan, complete with logo design, brand guidelines and audience development.

Take a peek at an example here

Website Design

Logo? Check! Elevator pitch? Check! Colors, fonts and all the fun visual elements? Check! Now, it’s time to put your goods online. We’re a Squarespace family here! Sorry, no WordPress or HTML builds from scratch at Checkmark. 

We love Squarespace and if you want a professional to build it and then pass all the controls over to you? This is THE PLATFORM to use for that! Take a look at one of our custom sites here (this beauty you’re on right now was built through Squarespace).

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Creative marketing.png

Creative Marketing (AKA social Media)

So you say you already have a fabulous brand and website but just want to do something...different. Let’s chat! If you are looking for some new ideas, branding concepts, campaigns and social media planning, we’ll do a brand evaluation and start small. If you’ve never used Twitter, Insta or Facebook for business, we’ve got ya covered!

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Email Marketing

Talk to your customers, fans, future customers, future fans with a snazzy newsletter. If you've got something to say or a promotion you want to send to your whole crew, let's chat about setting up a weekly, monthly, quarterly newsletter. If you're a shop and want to reach out with new offers, special promos or awesome products, let's chat about promotional emails.

If you're a shop and want to reach out with new offers, special promos or awesome products, let's chat about promotional emails. View an example here

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Editorial Content Calendars

Designed to keep content fresh while still rotating out older content to keep your social channels flowin’! Keep up-to-date on holidays and #nationalcookieday, plus reuse all that fabulous content and throw a promotion in there. A cohesive tool when it comes to social media, blogging and general “be cool on the internet” essential! 


Got all the goods a successful small biz needs? Maybe you’re a freelancer who just needs an extra set of eyes! Either way, we can proof it, rewrite it, take a peek at it, you name it! When was the last time you did a content purge or website refresh? Let’s take a look at your copy and see where we can edit some of it!



blogging for biz

Yup, still a thing - promise! It’s great for SEO (search engine optimization), also super beneficial in making you look legit, it also gives your customers, readers and social media friends a way to connect with you or your brand’s voice.


Let’s make you SPARKLE! Got a speaking engagement? Looking to brand you? We’ve got ya covered. We’ll work together to blend your academic accomplishments, leadership skills and previous experience with your passion, personality and fun anecdotes. If your bio could shine online, it totally would. Great for freelancers and entrepreneurs looking to stand out. We also have relationships with journalist around the world. If you are looking to add an additional layer of creativity with media placement, let’s talk!

Creative bios

Resume revamps

Resumes and snazzy cover letters

“Hello, my name is…” Nope, that’s not going to cut it anymore. Every person is unique so let’s get you started on the right foot. Let’s take a look at your education and work experience but also your life experience. Anyone can throw together a resume, let’s build a lookbook into your life and career.